The making of Master-Peace

I had a dream last night that I was at the bottom of the ocean.  I could breathe and walk as if on land but in slow motion.

It was dark but not cold, I was a little anxious about what I would find but I was also a bit excited as if I were on a treasure hunt.  I was searching….

A small flashlight pointed the way and in the dark silence around me, I was plotting my course… everything was covered in a blanket of debris. One motion of my hand and the blanket would rise in a tornado of particles revealing what lie underneath….

I saw pieces that were important me. Pieces that I thought I had lost.  I was happy to have found them but I kept searching.  I don’t even know what I was searching for.

Then I saw the silhouette of a body. I waved my hand to dust off the the debris and the particles slowly separated floating into the water like a snow globe to reveal a young girl.  

As I gazed upon the girl’s face she was motionless, pale, and peaceful.  The slight turn up of the corners of her mouth made me feel like she was happy I found her.  She was at rest and a trinket lay on her chest.  It was what I had been searching for even though I could not identify what it was. I just knew it was a small piece of importance that I needed now in this life to move forward.  I took the trinket and was grateful to have found the treasure.

I looked up into the darkness knowing I had to find more…pointing my light ahead I saw another body in the distance. I slowly made my way deeper into the dark abyss.

I waved my hand as if to dust off the treasure and fragments of debris scattered around.  It was the body was a young man. My eyes recognized his face, but his face was different than who he was in my heart.

He opened his eyes…

He began showing me the way.  Letting me know where everything, I didn’t even know I wanted, was hidden.  He was neither happy nor sad.  But he was making sure to let me know where to stay away from. He did all of this with no words…

I was grateful.

As I opened my eyes to the morning, it was still dark in my room.  I lie there thinking about what I was searching for and why….

The parallel thoughts of my present journey revealed.

We need pieces of the past to help us along this current path.  Old versions of ourself die and our angels are always there to guide us.  And the most important lesson is to be brave and shine your light into the darkness because in the unknown you will find the missing pieces needed to complete your MASTER-PEACE.